ONLY7SECONDS - Interview w/ Luke Wall



Join us for this special episode of the Revelation Wellness podcast! Today, Lacee Kejr Kovanda, our Donor Relations Manager at Revelation Wellness, sat down with Luke Wall from Only7Seconds to have a powerful conversation that will leave you feeling empowered to help fight the #1 epidemic in the country. You'll hear why it only takes seven seconds to fight loneliness through intentional connection!

You'll learn that:
- loneliness decreases life expectancy by 15 years (loneliness is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day)
- loneliness can lead to inflammation, heart disease, and mental health breakdowns
- loneliness impedes sleep and increases stress
nearly 80% of Gen Z was lonely in 2019 (and this is pre-pandemic data)
- 1 million teenagers in 37 countries felt lonely at school (this number doubled between 2012 and 2018)

For resources mentioned on the show:
- Together by Vivek Murthy
- Billy Graham on Loneliness

Revelation Wellness is excited to partner with Only7Seconds by donating 20% of proceeds raised from Project Stress Relief. We love to partner with those in the community who are making a difference; this only happens because of you, our donors!

Only7Seconds believes that every single person is significant and that the only way to combat the epidemic of loneliness is through intentional connection. You can learn more about Only 7 Seconds here: and @only7seconds!

Sign up for Project Stress Relief with ANY tax-deductible donation at:

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