Eat Better, Be Healthier! Q&A 94: Best Biblical Foods to Eat


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What are the best biblical foods to eat?
Here are common questions about biblical foods and some common myths debunked.

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The questions today are all about biblical foods to eat. These are really good questions, you're starting to do some deep dives into God's word and understanding what is going to create the health that you you're looking for.

Question 1 Does the Bible tell us not to alter the seeds that God provided for us?
It is a very unique question. And I'm not sure exactly which direction you want me to go. But let's start with scripture what teaches not to so to seat so in Deuteronomy 22:9 and Leviticus 19:19. And then a couple other places throughout Scripture, it talks about planting two different seeds and they will actually defile the entire harvest. This is about the purity of the Israelites and not to mix with other people. So what God designed is already perfect.

Question 2 Which types of biblical oils can you ingest and how much for optimal health?

Now there are several biblical oils yet the most important is always gonna be olive oil. Use for anointing the Kings anointing the tabernacle, lighting the homes and use for fuel back in biblical days. But I believe your question is more about essential oils that have become very popular. And that's not my specialty. I believe this teaching is valuable yet many products that are promoted are not pure and when problems arise, so choose a company to purchase from and their purity and proof and so they can also give you the answer to that question.

Question 3 Should we be eating starchy fruit and vegetables since God didn't create them and they are manmade?

Very interesting question. So starch is a chain of carbohydrates. All vegetables have starch. Even my favorite talk about cruciferous where the petals resemble the cross. They contain starch. Now just not as much starch as the quote starchy vegetables. Carbohydrates break down into sugars and the fibers that are included in these vegetables they help to metabolize and to stabilize blood trigger. Now fruits also have starch. Although most of the starch is used by the plant to make the fruit sweet, and then it has kind of a negligible amount. By the time we eat the fruit yet it still has measurable starch.

So good questions, and I hope you enjoyed the answers and until next time remember God loves you

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