10 Bible Verses That Teach us How to Pray Like Jesus




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Last night, as I was booting down the day in prayer, I realized something. Something kind of significant. I figured what it said about me just as important as what I actually believed about prayer.

It struck me that while I often pray to stop worrying, I always pray mid-struggle - in the heat of a thought that has run haywire, like a wire with far too much current and no outlet. Now, I won't say by that point it is too late, but I just wonder, why do I wait until that point, rather than getting out in front of it defensively?

Why don't I build an action plan, a game plan and an attack
to beat down worry before it runs wild?

When we fail to prepare with big preemptive prayers, we prepare like paupers.

But, when we prepare in advance, not fearing to ask for massive deliverance,
God prepares our hearts in the unimaginable.

Jesus, he teaches us to pray unrestrained, unbelievable and uncensored prayers. Let's take a look.

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