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Audiobook Description: Scripture clearly separates being born again, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. These three are not lumped together as one in Scripture. Instead, they are presented as separate experiences for the Lord's people. Today, however, few people know exactly what the Scriptures say regarding the Holy Spirit, and the consequence is men trying to do things in their own strength. Sadder still is how one group denies the power of the Holy Spirit, while another group pursues the things of the Spirit more than they pursue Christ Himself. Somewhere in the middle is the truth. This book takes a close look at Scripture to see what the Lord Himself tells us regarding His Holy Spirit and how it relates to us today. Updated Edition. Jubilee Bible text. Used by permission. Narrated by Lyle Blaker. Listen to our other great, free Christian audiobooks here: Chapters Opening Credits...00:00 Introduction...00:15 Ch. 1: What Is the Baptism with the Holy Spirit?...02:04 Ch. 2: The Baptism with the Holy Spirit Is Necessary...24:20 Ch. 3: How to Obtain the Baptism with the Holy Spirit...40:49 Ch. 4: The Refilling with the Holy Spirit...01:22:31 Ch. 5: How to Keep Spiritual Power...01:27:03 R. A. Torrey – A Short Biography...01:46:42 ALSO AVAILABLE AS... Audible edition, free trial or buy: Paperback on Amazon: Free eBook on Amazon: Free eBook on other popular eBook sites: Support books like these being sent to prisons and third-world countries: * * * *