What Is Purim In The Bible? Most Fun Biblical Feast To Celebrate!


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What is Purim in the Bible?
Learn more about the history of Purim, when it is celebrated, and how to celebrate Purim.

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What is Purim?

Purim is not one of the seven Biblical Feasts, but it's still important. And it's still a celebration that we as Christians should be enjoying every year.

There are so many celebrations in our world today. Yet, there are celebrations in the Bible that can create a stirring in the hearts of young people, even as young as four year old and for them to have a desire to be the next pastor in our world. That is the celebration of Purim.

Purim means casting of lots. And it's one of the funnest biblical accounts to recreate and to celebrate, okay, it wasn't that fun during those days, but it is today. It's the biblical account of God showing up in all of his glory, yet not even announcing his name.

Today we hear the term the lots are cast. Well, this phrase allergy, it actually came from the account of Esther, and the beginning a perm. Lots were cast by Haman to determine the day that Jews would die. This included the entire world of Jews.

Now there are many women in history that have played a significant role in the preservation of the Jewish people. Esther is one of them. So read the book of Esther in the Bible from the beginning to the end, it's better than any Hallmark movie. Now it's going to be similar in ways that the casting of the characters is going to show you actually in the beginning of the movie, who's going to win the girl in the end. But the drama is so much greater than any Hallmark writer could have ever conceived.

The story is about a man named Haman and he's in Amalekites. And if you read Esther, if you read it separate from the other books in the Bible, you may wonder what is up with this man? His background is really worth noting so that you really get a feel for why he's so angry, and why he has such an overpowering hatred. It goes back to the Jewish nation leaving the bondage of Egypt and as they're beginning their track to the promised land.

So the Amalekites later joined up with the Canaanites and they attacked the Israelites at Hormah. With this has written about enormous Numbers 14. Now in Judges, they band together with the mouth the Moabites read that and judges three and then the Midianites read that and judges six to wage war on the Israelites.

They were responsible for the repeated destruction of the Israelites land and their food supply. It's almost like a World War One and World War Two happening over and over. In First Samuel 15 It says God tells King Saul I will punish the Amalekites for what they did Israel when they waylaid them and as they came up from Egypt. Now go and attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them and put to death. The men the women, the children the infant Is the cattle the sheep the camels and the donkeys.

It's not one of the seven Biblical Feasts mentioned in Scripture, but it's still very significant because it teaches every year as a reminder, God has a plan for his people. It reiterates the importance of listening to God and following through with his commands.

Yet the Jewish people are the same as us. We too we get distracted and swoon away into the trap of the bling blings or the dangling carrot. We too, we don't always follow God in everything that he asked us to do. And we too, we get in a jam, and we need to fast and pray for answers. God still has a plan and it includes you and me.

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