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There has perhaps never been an age that set such great store in study as that in which we now live. The unfortunate thing about it is that so much of the study in our day is devoted to books and subjects in which there is little or no profit. Time is squandered on the purely speculative, the uncertain, the unprofitable, the unessential, the unproductive, the irrelevant, and the transitory. The most profitable of all study is wisely ordered Bible study. Its value is incalculable. It is beyond all comparison more profitable than any other study. It is the one superlatively profitable study.

Bible study towers above all other studies in importance and value not only because of what the Bible is, but also because of what the Bible does.

• The Bible properly studied makes men wise unto salvation.
• The Bible makes Jesus Christ known so as to lead anyone who studies it to believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, and thereby to obtain eternal life in His name.
• The Bible imparts God’s own nature to the men, women, and children who study it as they should and thus completely transforms their inmost and their outward life.
• When properly studied, this Book makes the one who studies it grow like the palm tree in all the graces and glories of Christian character.
• The Bible properly studied makes the heart pure and keeps the life white.
• The Bible, properly studied, brings peace, wonderful peace, to the troubled heart.
• The Bible, properly studied, brings joy as well as peace.

In this book, I will tell you how to properly study the Bible: for light and not for darkness, for life and not for death, for blessing and not for cursing, and so it will lift us up to heaven and not sink us down to hell.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:14 Introduction
01:38 Ch. 1: The Importance and Value of Bible Study
26:22 Ch. 2: How to Properly Study the Bible
01:06:10 Ch. 3: How to Interpret the Bible to Find Its True Meaning
01:57:48 Ch. 4: The Seven Great Promises of God
02:31:43 Reuben A. Torrey – A Brief Biography

Updated Edition. Narrated by Jordan Scott Gilbert.


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