Goodbye Brain Fog, Depression, Anxiety - Be Mentally Fit in 3 Ways!


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Learn how to be mentally fit in 3 ways!
Here are 3 things you can do to end brain fog, depression, and many more!

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Today it's about how to be mentally fit. Do you know people who have PMS, PCOS, PTSD, depression, anxiety, difficulty learning, trouble remembering skin issues, digestion, digestive issues, difficulty losing weight, the list is ongoing to be mentally fit, it helps to know that these conditions are actually a signal that something is wrong. And we need to begin the healing process by starting in the most important area of your body.

There are three ways to be mentally fit:

Number one is biblically or spiritually, we are called to be strong and courageous. And we do this by knowing that in our heart, He will never leave us or forsake us. Now, this promise is to those of you who have already trusted God with your whole heart, not leaving anything out. And with that assurance, we can have the confidence to be strong and courageous. This is a choice. It's a choice of your heart. Now, when we stumble, don't critique yourself, just ask yourself, just ask yourself objectively, why? Why did I do that? And then answer with how can I change that to not do it that way again?

Number two is physically we are to be strong and courageous. Physically, yes, the same exact words. To be physically strong, we need a strong immune system, which is our defense against invaders. And in our defense against multipliers, invaders come into our body through every area, this could be our food, medicine, your air, the water, everything we touch, and even through animals, if you have a dog that's going to bring invaders, when invaders invade, they multiply. And we need to create a place where these bugs this bacteria don't want to stay.

Number three is mentally we are to be strong and courageous. Again, with our mind with our words. Yes, physical and mental go hand in hand. So to be strong, physically, we need a healthy microbiome. To be strong. Mentally, we also have to have a healthy microbiome. When we are strong physically and mentally. It's much simpler to memorize scripture to recall a verse.

Now to address the microbiome, this includes everything that I mentioned before. It's what is in you, and what is on you, that affects your ability to be mentally fit. I'm so happy that today's science is connecting all of this mental fitness is all three biblically which could be spiritually physically and mentally. Now, here are the answers to be mentally fit, we need to rebuild the microbiome. That means change the diet to the three principles that's taught in the treasures of Healthy Living Bible study, not also in the Bible study. But in every grocery video that I teach you, every video I teach you, I'm always talking about the microbiome. Look at these different platforms where we have these videos posted and keep learning. The principles are timeless. And then ask yourself what does the Bible say about healthy living? What did Jesus eat if he approved it, then enjoy it. If man has manipulated it, or it's become a scientific lab experiments, run away from it, don't put it in your cart and don't put it in your mouth.

Next, we need to rebuild with healthy pre, Pro and phyto biotics. This is what I wanted to share with you is why these particular products, why we need them and how they work both for me and for my clients. Without a healthy microbiome hormones will never be imbalanced.

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