Blessing In Disguise? How To Deal With Baby Food Shortage, God's Way!


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The baby food shortage is a blessing in disguise?
Here's how to deal with baby food shortage happening these days according to Biblical eating principles.

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There's so much going on today in our world that it can be frightening. Or it can also be reassuring, depending on where you put your faith. Well, today is one of those topics that we really have to see where our faith is, and it's about baby formula. Yes, this is something that I don't really have to deal with anymore.

My grandchildren are all above the baby formula stage. But yet, so many of you are in the throes of this, and it's a serious issue. Yet, with all of the studying that I've done, I've noticed that when we set aside the chaos, when we set aside the fear, God will always come through with the answer that he has for us. And that's what we're going to talk about today, we're going to talk about baby formula, and where the answers are in this situation.

I see the crisis we're in as a great opportunity to have much healthier children. Because the formulas that are out of stock are horrific for a child, just totally horrific. I'm excited to see that God is going to provide something even greater because he always had something greater which is why I never could do the video because the cans are so full of such synthetic junk. And I just I just almost weep in the aisle because of all the additives and all of the high sugar and and just everything that's in the formula it just makes me cry.

Okay, well, to start off with, I kind of have a little bit of a pool of people to pull from that I know have used the baby formula. I started making it with my first child because my milk dried up when I was about three months old. And a dear friend of mine who was a vegetarian at the time. She said Holly, I in good conscience cannot let you tell you that the soy formula you're feeding your son is good. And I didn't think it was good because he was gassy. He had really stinky black poo. He wasn't happy. He was colicky and was constantly to the doctor. And so she said, check out the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. And I went and I bought this cookbook. And probably if you've been online, the Nourishing Traditions cookbook is probably where most of the recipes come from.

Just a note on raw milk. If raw milk is bad, you will smell it. It will be nasty. There is a whole immune system in raw milk, you actually have lymphocytes and raw milk, you know, it's, it will attack the Ecoli virus, it'll attack things that get in there, and you will smell it iIf it's bad.

Now mind you, if you are drinking raw milk, it naturally has the lactase enzyme in it, which will break down the lactose. Yep, God's made it just perfect. It's a perfect food.

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