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FREE Fun Fitness, Perfect for #Beginners
the growwithjo community is the strongest community of women from all abilities and #walks of life
Ive been making people sweat and see their own transformations ever since I was a personal trainer doing 1-on-1 coaching at a local gym 8 years ago.

Now I have the honor of teaching millions of women, and helping them achieve their goals!
We all have challenges that we face, but together, as a community we can overcome and make the best out of every obstacle.
Here are some things you can expect from this channel:
-easy to follow workouts
-fun workouts (that fly by!!)
-walking workouts to get your steps in
-giveaways at every premiere (3x per week)
-weekly schedules to follow (uploaded in the community tab every saturday)

I’m here to keep you motivated and make working out something you look forward to again
Hit subscribe, turn on notifications and LETS GO BABE!

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