What If You’re Asked to Compromise Your Christian Faith at Work?, with Valerie Kloosterman | 11/7/22


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What would you do if your employer asked you to sign something that violated your Christian faith? It happened to Valerie Kloosterman, a physician’s assistant who lost her job for refusing to agree that gender is fluid. You’ll be inspired and equipped by her story in this episode of Grounded.

00:00 - Countdown
05:03 - Intro + Greeting
09:18 - Good News
12:26- Grounded with God's People (Valerie Kloosterman)
34:20 - Grounded in God's Word
41:33 - Closing Goodbyes + Resources

Website: firstliberty.org/

Episode Notes
“Americans Who Read the Bible Are Better Able to Forgive Others” article: www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/americans-who-read-the-bible-are-better-able-to-forgive-others-study-finds.htmlkay
Valerie’s story at FirstLiberty.org: firstliberty.org/bad-medicine/
“Prayer Is Our Most Powerful Weapon, with Karen Ellis” video: www.youtube.com/watch
Grounded Podcast Archives: www.reviveourhearts.com/podcast/grounded/
Revive '21 messages: www.reviveourhearts.com/events/revive-21/

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