The Chosen Global Livestream: Season 3 FINALE


The Chosen


“Not to be dramatic, but that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. In my life.” —Laura C.

“Amazing!!! My best friend and I walked out of the theater speechless…our brains were still processing it all. Once we got in the car, we talked and talked about it and how it impacted us all the way home. Can’t wait to see it again!” —Dana C.

“It was so much more than I was expecting, and I was expecting a lot.” —Tamra S.


Join us Tuesday night at 9 ET to see the climax of Season 3 and hear the second part of Jonathan Roumie’s exclusive interview.

If you know The Chosen's history, you know this is our biggest “loaves and fishes” moment ever—and we finally get to share it with you on this livestream.

Thousands eat up Jesus’ words, but run out of actual food…until a boy with 5 loaves and two fish shows up.

See it with us Tuesday night.

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Our episodes are only available for 72 hours on YouTube, so if you’re just now joining us, head to the new “The Chosen” app for the full livestream AND Season 3, Episode Five.

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