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Elevation Worship


Elevation Worship leading “It Is So,” live from their album “At Midnight." 

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There is a promise
That points beyond my failure
There is a still voice
To silence all my fears
Even the worst of my mistakes
Are miracles in the making
A miracle’s in the making

By your stripes I am healed
With one touch I am made whole
You have spoken
And I know that it is so
In the storm You are peace
And your love won’t let me go
You have spoken
And I know that it is so

In every season
Your purpose is unchanging
In every moment
You’re working for my good
Jesus the Rock that never fails
Your kingdom will not be shaken
Your kingdom will not be shaken

Your word is settled in heaven
It will be done, Father let it be done
Yours is the kingdom forever
Your will be done, let it be done

Written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hammer, Brian Johnson
CCLI #: 7124943
ISRC: US-PJT-19-00026

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