How Not to Ruin Thanksgiving, with Janet Aucoin and Robyn Bush | Grounded 11/21/22


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What if the perfect Thanksgiving is as simple as setting aside expectations? In this freeing episode of Grounded, you’ll hear from guests Janet Aucoin and Robyn Bush about how you can enjoy the gifts God has for you.

00:00 - Countdown
10:08 - Intro + Greeting
13:55 - Good News (Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes!)
19:08 - Grounded with God's People (Janet Aucoin)
32:03 - Video Clip
35:57 - Grounded with God's People (Robyn Bush)
46:50 - Grounded in God's Word
52:43 - Closing Goodbyes + Resources

Connect with Janet
Instagram: @joyfuljourneypod

Connect with Robyn
Instagram: @robynbush66

Episode Notes
Portia’s Sweet Potato Casserole recipe:
Dannah’s Baked Pineapple Stuffing recipe:
Erin’s Pecan Shortbread Squares:
Joyful Journey podcast:
“Freedom: Molly’s Story” video:
“Encouragement for Hard Holidays” episode:

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