How Do I Become a Friend of the Holy Spirit? - 3 Simple Keys


David Diga Hernandez


Friendship with the Holy Spirit is the key to the fullness of the Christian life. Closeness with the Holy Spirit will change everything. He helps you to live holy, pray powerfully, evangelize boldly, know the Word deeply, love selflessly, worship sincerely, and so much more! He wants a friendship with you. So in this life changing message, David Diga Hernandez reveals biblical keys to cultivating this connection.

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00:00 - How Do I Become a Friend of the Holy Spirit?
17:13 - Key #1: Awareness of His Presence
26:57 - Key #2: Depend Upon the Holy Spirit
37:51 - Key #3: Obey the Holy Spirit
44:05 - Encounter the Holy Spirit
58:07 - You Can Get Involved
01:09:51 - Minister to the Lord through Worship
01:24:29 - Heavy Weight of Glory Fills the Room
01:38:16 - Receive Your Miracle
01:45:05 - Healing Testimonies

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