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On this episode of Insights Israel & the Middle East, host Mati Shoshani speaks with three key players in Israel’s cyberwar and security. You will hear from:

Dr. David Primor, the former Executive Director of Israel’s National Cyber Security Directorate. Have you ever wondered who holds your digital data and what your information is used for? Listen in as Dr. David Primor explains some of the fundamentals of Cybersecurity and what it means to be a cyber warrior.

Shalev Hulio founder and CEO of NSO Group. Take a look at how they can block unwanted drones using an electronic dome and gain insights on NSO’s flagship product, “Pegasus.” Spyware that can access phone calls, text messages, and other private data on mobile devices. Pegasus is used by law enforcement agencies across the globe to stop terrorist attacks, human trafficking, and to carry out defense and safety procedures.

Roy Eliyahu, CEO of Salt Security and featured in 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30. Listen in to hear how his cybersecurity story began at 9 years old and is now a profitable and impactful business for internet security.

Join us, as we journey through Israel unpacking the oldest questions with modern insights, and the stories of the people behind it all.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Israel's Cyberwar
2:24 The Invisible War
7:05 Cyber Security
13:00 Cyber Innovation
17:44 The New War

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