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Verse 1
For anyone battered
For any heart shattered
Anyone sinking down
Hold on, hold on
For all of the sinners
For the weary and weathered
Thrown and tossed, hope is lost
Hold on, hold on

There's an anchor
In the rage of the storm
When the walls are closing in
In the darkness all alone
Just praying for the daylight
Peace for the soul
There is grace for the morning
When you feel like letting go
There's an anchor
There's an anchor

Verse 2
To all who have faltered
There is an altar
Bring your plea on bended knee
Bow down, bow down
All you sons and daughters
Run to the Father
You're not too far from open arms
Come home, come home

There's an anchor
There's an anchor

Just a touch, You calm me
Just a whisper, You love me
Without judgement, You hold me
No one ever has known me, You made me

Final Chorus
There's an anchor
Holding time in His hands
A Rock you can stand on
Mercy without end
Love that's eternal
That bore all our sin
A King that is coming
The Great I AM
He is the anchor
He is the anchor
He is the anchor
He is the anchor

He is the anchor
He is the anchor of my soul
He is the anchor

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Section Titles:
0:00 - Performance
4:26 - Song Story
10:50 - How To Play
14:17 - Credits

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