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On this episode of Insights Israel & the Middle East, host Mati Shoshani gets an inside look into how the Abraham Accords proved that Israel is the solution to peace in the Middle East, and not the problem. Hear from: David Friedman, former United States Ambassador to Israel and a key player in the Abraham Accords. Jonathan Spyer, Analyst, Writer, and Journalist of Middle Eastern affairs. Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Author of 'The Star and The Scepter' and Foreign Policy Expert.

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0:00 Intro
1:50 Peace in the Middle East
4:10 People of The Middle East
8:11 The Peace Agreement
9:24 Israel Connecting the Middle East
9:57 Israel is the Solution
13:57 Future of the Middle East
15:15 UAE & Israel Trade
19:00 Change in the Middle East

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