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Official Live Video of "On The Altar" featuring Elyssa Smith by UPPERROOM. "On The Altar" was captured live at UPPERROOM Dallas. Written by Joel Figueroa, Julian Gamboa, Oscar Gamboa, Casey Kleeman, Elyssa Smith, and Sebastian Suarez.

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Verse 1
Here’s my life
As a sacrifice
I’ll be the incense
The sweetest fragrance

Wholly yours
Consecrated for
Only you Lord
Just for you Lord

I’m your temple
A dwelling place for you
Lord make my heart
A pleasing home for you

Oh I will live on the altar
Oh You are worth what you asked for,
If you’re searching for a heart
As you’re reward
I am Yours

Verse 2
In your house
I will daily live
Fixed on one thing
To see your beauty

You alone
Are worth more than gold
I’ll trade the world for
A day in your courts

I want to be the oil
I want to be the sacrifice
I want to be a laid down lover all my life

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