Walking in the Kingdom • Pastor Allen Jackson


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➡️ When our goal is to walk in agreement with God in every area of our lives, we can enjoy greater fellowship with Him and be more effective citizens of His Kingdom. Pastor Allen Jackson offers insight on what this looks like by examining the choices and attitudes of various people in the Bible. He discusses the importance of protecting our minds, our thoughts, and our priorities; how to recognize false prophecy; remaining strong even when God calls us to difficult assignments; and the power of thankfulness and telling God the truth.

❇ A message from Pastor Allen Jackson at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, TN - November 21, 2021 - Walking in the Kingdom

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🔴 Chapters:
0:00 Offertory Prayer
6:43 Walking in the Kingdom
11:32 Jeremiah, A Difficult Message
16:30 Baruch, Distracted by Sorrow (Jeremiah 45 verses 1-5)
21:49 NT, Peter’s Warning
21:55 Spiritual Oppression Result of Unprincipled Men (2 Peter 2 verses 7-10)
23:40 Spiritual Momentum Thwarted by “Unprincipled Behaviors” (2 Peter 3 verse 17)
25:56 False Prophets Are Destructive (2 Peter 1 verses 1-3,13-16,17-19)
43:36 Alternative Choices
43:42 Solomon’s Prayer (1 Kings 3 verses 9-14)
46:59 Jesus’ Counsel (Matthew 6 verses 25-34)
53:22 Our Response
53:25 Walk with God (Agreement with God)
53:33 Disciplined Thought
53:54 Experience the Renewal of Thanksgiving . . . Gratitude Brings Refreshment (Philippians 4 verses 4-9, John 16 verse 33, Romans 8 verse 21, and 2 Samuel 22 verses 2-4)
59:27 Proclamation of Hope & Encouragement

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