How To Improve Your Metabolism For Weight Loss & Health



What's the link between metabolism and weight loss?
Understand the metabolic pathway and how to improve your metabolism to effectively lose weight.

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The weight is more like the self-cling wrap rather than the older version saran wrap that won’t stay on.

The reason I became subject to gaining is because I felt it my responsibility to be educated on the latest health topic or diet. BUT the more I learned the more I was drawn into man’s ideas.

Just the subject of keto, paleo, THM, Intermittent Fasting, etc. can be a distraction and therefore devastation. It’s not that these programs don’t work – they just don’t work long term for most people.

They were all focused on changing the food – making the food change. They were never focused on God’s principles.

As a biblical nutrition coach, teacher and mentor I believed I needed to understand all options.

I personally tried each program to be educated on how they work so I can always coach my clients with the latest information.

They were all appetizers to distractions!

True health comes by following godly principles that will never change.

Yes, our food is going through a total manipulation that diverts health to disease. There is an undercurrent to derail our health.

So – yes I must stay informed to keep you abreast of the important facts but – not get dragged into the swamp of despair and doubt.

Now I am back to following my own advice – the advice I have taught and coached for over 15 years with great success to my clients.

If not NOW – WHEN?

If the desire to be healthy, to thrive and not just survive, to live longer and healthier for your loved ones and for yourself matter so much to you…

Then why wait any longer to start taking actions to achieve all of these wonderful goals?

You can stick to a diet and start losing weight today, if you stay focused…

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