How To End The Year 2022 With God - Significance Of The Lord's Supper


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Celebrate New Year's Day biblically.
This is how to celebrate the Lord's Supper and make your own unleavened bread at home.

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01:34 Celebrate the Lord's Supper
03:27 Make unleavened bread
07:23 Anchor verse

I want to ask you, how are you ending this year? And starting next year? What if I could give you just one tip, just one suggestion that will help you in this year exactly where you want to be an usher in the next year, exactly where you want to be.
Okay, now, it's the end of the year. How are you going to end this year?
Have you had a lot of trouble? Have you had a lot of health challenges? Just other issues coming up? Has it been a hard year? How are you handling that? Has it been a good year? Have you been seen so many blessings? How are you going to end that?

I want to encourage you to have the Lord's Supper have the Lord's Supper just as a way of ending this year with a reference to God and all that he's done for you. Even in the trialing times he's been there. I want to encourage you to have the Lord's Supper going into the new year, you can make it right at midnight, and then you've kind of both covered, or you could have it late on New Year's Eve and then have it again for breakfast on New Year's Day. You choose what's right for you. You choose what's right between you and the Lord.

Now in your communion time with the Lord, focus on the verses that Jesus shared with his disciples when he had that last supper with them. Or you might have another verse that you want to meditate on. What was your anchor verse for this last year? What is your anchor verse For this next year? Because those verses they keep us centered. They keep us focused on what matters most in our life. It is so easy to get distracted in this world today. So we have to keep coming back to what matters most.

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