Dreams Do Come True | Pastor Travis Simons


Sheryl Brady


The early Church lived in an uncomfortable tension. On the other side of Pentecost, the pioneers of our faith were given great power from God. They had to simultaneously manage extreme persecution. Have you ever lived in a season where you experienced great favor but you still had to fight? This tension, intrigue and influence of the church eventually led to Peter’s imprisonment. However, despite being guarded by a brigade of 16 soldiers, Peter was supernaturally released from prison by angelic assistance.

God’s intervention was so powerful and unbelievable, that Peter himself didn’t know whether or not his deliverance from prison was happening in his spirit or in reality. But, “Dreams Do Come True” Regardless of how uncomfortable, unfair or depressing your life may be right now, God can change your circumstance so fast, it will feel like you’re dreaming.

“Dreams Do Come True” is a reminder that when the journey gets tough and things get hard, God does answer prayers.

Message: “Dreams Do Come True”
Speaker: Pastor Travis Simons
Scripture: Acts 12:1-11(NLT)
Date: January 9, 2022

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