You Are What You Eat | Pastor Joseph Anthony


Sheryl Brady


After 430 years of slavery and 40 years of wondering in the wilderness, the children of Israel finally made it to the Promised Land. After observing the passover, the manna that previously sustained them finally stopped. In reality, every time God instituted a major change in the lives of His people, He started by changing their diet.

Anyone who desires transformation will find solutions in this message by observing the pattern created by the children of Israel. They go from the food of bondage (manipulation), to divine provision (manna) in the wilderness, and finally in Cannan are finally able to eat the produce of the land. If you will trust the Lord of the Harvest, you will ultimately make it to the place that God ordained, your promised land.

Message: You Are What You Eat
Speaker: Pastor Joseph Anthony
Scripture: Joshua 5:10-12
Date: March 13, 2022

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