Make Us Bold | Pastor Travis Simons


Sheryl Brady


Overcoming tough seasons requires BOLDNESS! You will have to take risks, have confidence, and stand in courage. Boldness is what you need when you do not feel qualified to do what you have been called \ to do.

The early apostles began to demonstrate miracles, which caused political and even legal unrest. They were even forbidden to utter the name of Jesus, for fear that His name and their influence was just too disruptive. But, instead of cowering, they prayed that God would give them boldness to continue to speak the Word of God.

Despite the millennia that have passed then and now, boldness is still required to proclaim God’s truth and manifest His promises. If you will dare to be bold despite tension and opposition, you will see a release of the supernatural.

Message: Make Us Bold 
Speaker: Pastor Travis Simons
Scripture: Acts 4:29-41
Date: March 6, 2022

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