How Do We Best Support Our Kids Through Their Hardest Times? Ep. 1239: Christian Questions Podcast



Parenting is a difficult and often unpredictable task. In Episode 1238, we laid a scripturally-principled foundation for managing our parental “what ifs” and imperfections. We also addressed the ever-present challenge of growing confidence and competence in our children as we slowly release our parental control over them. With all of this in place, it is now time to delve into several of the hard and practical matters of bringing children up. The structure of our present society extols a path and process of child rearing that is often fundamentally opposed to true Christian beliefs. This leaves us with a lot of questions that may be hard to answer as we seek to apply principles of godliness. The good news is, no matter the question, there is always clear Bible-based instruction available.

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Here are some questions we answer in this podcast:

[00:15:49] Are there secrets to maintaining a God-honoring relationship with our kids as they grow and change?

[00:31:38] How do we maintain our positive parent-child relationships when life brings us unexpected trauma?

[00:45:41] How do we handle it when our children walk away from us in anger and bitterness?

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