The Goat — Louie Giglio


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Why is Jesus the Greatest Of All Time? Guest Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion Life Church explains what makes Jesus the greatest. Our Lord and Savior reigns supreme because of His selfless act of dying on the cross to save humanity. We find our identity and purpose in Christ even in the molecules that hold us together!

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VOUS is a church community in Miami, Florida. Our mission is simple, to bring those who are far from God close to him.

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Section Titles

00:00 Intro
01:08 The Goat
02:53 What’s So Great About Jesus
05:48 The Supremacy of Christ
08:25 Jesus Created Day and Night
14:02 Jesus Answers the Biggest Questions in Life
17:08 You Were Made By Him and For Him
19:02 The Goat Has You
20:28 The Laminin Structure
27:31 Jesus Beat Death And Gives Life

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