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Hi, I’m Rachel!

I love Jesus, pizza and the Enneagram, and I’m the host of The Rachel Cruze Show—which you’ll find here on YouTube, on Facebook, and wherever you listen to podcasts. I teach people how to get out of debt and win with money.

As Dave Ramsey’s daughter, I was taught from an early age how to give generously, spend wisely, and save for the future. I understand the dangers of debt and have seen firsthand the damage it can do.

Learning how to tell my money where to go using a budget was a game changer for me. I found that the more I did it, a budget didn’t limit my freedom—it gave me freedom. And I’m passionate about sharing that so you can experience that freedom too!

Since then, as a Ramsey Personality, I’ve written four bestselling books and met people from all walks of life who just want to get their money under control.

My message is simple: I want you to take control of your money and create a life you love!