What helps cause stress?


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“Studies have shown that loneliness is one of the leading causes of stress. In contrast, connectedness can be one of the biggest solutions to addressing stress. Loneliness-induced stress can lead to severe outcomes, including mental health breakdowns, heart disease and inflammation.
The opposite of loneliness is connection. Being connected with others, where you feel seen and have a sense of belonging, is the antithesis of loneliness. Humans are hardwired for connection. In fact, human connection is as important to our survival as food and water.

When you are more connected, you are less likely to feel lonely. The stronger, more honest, more meaningful those connections are, the less lonely you will feel. You will even feel less stress after having meaningful, vulnerable, honest conversation.”

Excerpt from the @revelationwellness Blog featuring special guest writer, @lukewallo7s, executive director of @only7seconds.

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