Sing Hallelujah (The Victory Song) // Stockholm Worship // Acoustic


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Why are you crying?
Why are you weeping?
Let your tears roll down and dry
The tomb is empty
It holds no body
Come see it for yourself
Let sorrow turn to praise

Sing hallelujah
Lift Him high
For He is risen
From death to life
The grave defeated
He is alive
The son of heaven
Jesus Christ

Why are doubting?
Why are you troubled?
Let your heavy heart find strength
His hands, His feet are
Marked with nail scars
Come see it for yourself
Let questions turn to faith

Sin, where’s your power?
Death, where’s your sting now?
Hell, where’s your victory?
We know, we know who won
Jesus Messiah
Champion of heaven
Our King forever
We know, we know who won

We know, we know who won
We know, we know who won

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