Patricia Fripp’s Top Techniques for Better Presentations


Tom Ferry


Patricia Fripp’s Top Techniques for Better Presentations | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

My dad used to always say that there were only a few true legends in our space and one of them was Patricia Fripp. She’s a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and the first ever woman President of the National Speakers Association, who has taught millions of people around the world how to give better presentations and find their confidence.

This week on the podcast, I have the honor of sitting down with the legend herself, Patricia Fripp to talk about how real estate agents (or anyone for that matter) can give more effective business presentations and gain exposure through public speaking.

If you’ve ever thought about…
• Starting a podcast
• Giving stage presentations or speeches
• Improving your listing presentations
• Having more meaningful conversations

…then Patricia has some amazing public speaking techniques you need to hear. This is world-class guidance delivered in just about 15 minutes, so watch it now!

In this episode, we discuss…
00:00 – The second biggest fear in life
01:18 – About Patricia
04:40 – Speaking mistakes to avoid
10:15 – Speaking & presentation techniques
13:48 – Reach out to Patricia Fripp

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