Look To The Lamb (feat. Lindy Cofer, Bryan & Katie Torwalt) // Jesus Culture // Acoustic


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There’s only one Name that is worthy
There’s only one King on the throne?
He is the light of our salvation
All praise belongs to Him alone

There’s only one way to the Father
One love that melts a heart of stone
He is the life and resurrection
All praise belongs to Him alone

Look to the Lamb?
See the Son of God, the Savior crucified?
See the crown of thorns, the nails, His wounded side?
He is worthy?
Look to the Lamb
See the One who is forever glorified
There is love and there is fire in His eyes
He is worthy
He is worthy

He is the Alpha and Omega
He was and is and is to come
He will return to shouts of glory
His name is Jesus Christ, our God
His name is Jesus Christ, our God

The elders bow, the creatures cry
Saints and angels glorify
The anthem echoes day and night
Eyes like fire, hair like wool
Voice like many waters roar
Matchless and most beautiful

Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

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