It's Been A Long Time Coming, But I Made It! | Pastor Sheryl Brady


Sheryl Brady


Pastor Sheryl guides us through a spiritual expedition to Lo-Debar, where the grandson of King Saul, Mephibosheth, is now residing in exile after being disabled by someone close. Left abandoned and alone, he found solace with Makir who took it upon himself to be his devoted caregiver - giving more than what could ever possibly be returned.

Fortunately, David remembers his dear friend Jonathan, the bond they shared and wonders if any of Jonathan’s descendants are still alive. He then calls for Mephibosheth, restores him to a place of honor, and gives him back his inheritance. Let this be a reminder that no matter how long it has been or what kind hardship you may have experienced: God will never forget about you. You can thrive through all adversity. Even if you have been dropped or have suffered injustice, God has a seat at His table just for you!

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