God’s Promises Can Lift Us Up in Times of Darkness: Tom Schueman & Alli Patterson


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In life, we can't escape adversity; we are bound to end up with some bumps and bruises. Maybe it’s because of rough beginnings, difficult relationships with loved ones, or unexpected circumstances that inevitably come our way. Having faith in God doesn't mean you won’t face challenges and difficulties. Instead, it means we can know that we won't have to face those battles alone. Like the apostle Paul, who called upon God and rejoiced while being imprisoned, he constantly tried to find the blessing during the pain of being captive. Through his example, we can see that when we put our trust in God and focus on gratitude, we’ll find strength to get through the rockier times of our lives. Our guests this week have each faced significant trials, and chose to trust God during those times. Each of them found that facing negative experiences in this way equipped them with the tools to face future challenges in a healthier way.

Marine Veteran Tom Shueman, who served in one of the bloodiest battles of the war in Afghanistan, opens up about staring death in the face daily, and how reading the Psalms reminded him that he wasn’t alone.

[00:03:08] Tom Schueman finds comfort in the Psalms in the face of death
[00:05:22] Tom shares what to do when adversity comes

Teaching pastor Alli Patterson thought she had life figured out at an early age. She did all the “right” things, but quickly discovered early on in her career and her marriage that there were cracks in the foundation she’d carefully laid—and found herself searching for solace outside of her marriage. It was in the dark hours of almost losing everything that she left her future in God’s hands, giving her the courage to try to restore what had been broken.

[00:09:38] Alli builds a foundation that ends up cracking
[00:12:11] Alli asks God to break her

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