30 Days Touring HELL



Get ready to be shaken to your core as you hear the most powerful testimony ever given. For 30 nights, Mary K Baxter was taken on a journey by Jesus Christ to the depths of Hell. She was shown the terrifying reality of eternal damnation, the fiery pits where lost souls writhe in agony, and the cells where they are trapped in endless suffering. She witnessed the condemned souls burning in misery, their screams filling the air. She heard their desperate pleas for help, but it was too late. In their lives, they continually rejected the Lord every time He pleaded with them to repent. She heard the final judgment pronounced against them, condemning them to an eternity of torment. Listen to her testimony, and take heed of the lessons learned from the mistakes of these lost souls. This is an eyewitness account of Hell that will change your perspective forever.

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The Book: A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K Baxter can be found at ...

Her testimony can be found at ... www.divinerevelations.info/mary_k_baxter_a_divine_revelation_of_hell.htm