How One Agent Took Over 100 Listings in a Year



How One Agent Took Over 100 Listings in a Year

What happens when you set goals that seem impossible, like doubling your business, and then concentrate all your marketing towards hitting those goals? As Sandee Payne of Fort Hood, TX, will show you, nothing is impossible when you keep your eyes on your target.

In just a little over 10 months, Sandee took over 100 listings, and in this episode of This Week in Marketing, she talks with Jason Pantana about what it required to hit that number. You’ll learn how to make the most out of your content, plan with efficiency, and find your authentic voice that resonates with sellers.

If you’re determined to reach those goals you set, this is an interview you’ll definitely want to watch.

In this episode, we discuss…
0:00 – Meet Sandee
1:36 – Connecting the marketing dots
4:40 – Sandee’s social media voice
6:58 – Working with your expertise
10:11 – Content mileage
15:23 – Getting streamlined and operationalized
20:20 – Sandee’s content calendar
23:42 – How Sandee’s marketing attracts sellers
27:09 – Balancing listings and personal brand
29:34 – Being true to yourself

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