Your Time Is Now–Let God Help You Make the Most of It: Jeff Henderson and Jonathan Evans


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There's an African proverb that pairs well with John 14:6 where Jesus proclaims Himself "the way, the truth, and the life." It goes like this: "We make the road by walking." What comes to the fore in both of these statements is the thought that life is not necessarily stretching out in front of us well-paved and easily discernible, but that life is an active endeavor requiring learning, maturing, and adapting. Jesus emphasizes His nearness to us in the process, but the implication is to step forward confidently even while the unknown confronts us with every step we take. We don't have to know where we'll be exactly twenty years down the road, but only where we are now and what we’ll do next. This week, we talk to two people who have learned to navigate their callings in the now and the next.

Jeff Henderson is a pastor and businessman who talks about the thumbprints of God that mark our lives, giving us clues to living out our purpose.

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Jonathan Evans is the son of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans. With numerous efforts to become an NFL player thwarted, Jonathan reshifted his expectations and began to see how God was getting him to his dream—just not exactly in the way he thought.

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